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Testimonials from our customers

Thanks again for the great job on the install on the solar heating system for my pool. The guys did a very professional job and left no mess behind. I have had a number of friends come over and they have been suitably impressed.

— Phil & Maggie B., Bowmanville, Ontario (2005)

It is absolutely wonderful to be able to turn up the temperature without seeing dollars signs such as when using gas heating... Thank you so much for your wonderful job with the installation and your full explanation on how to use the digital controller with the solar heating.

— Rick & Marcia C., Brampton, Ontario (2005)

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know the solar heating system works excellent... I can't begin to tell you how impressed we are with the system and the service we received from your company... It was an excellent investement and I can't get over how fast it raises the temperature of our pool.

— Dean & Carole M., St. George, Ontario (2003)

Just a quick note to tell you that your solar panels do a terrific job in raising the water temperature... I would like to let you know that you can use my name as a reference anytime.

— Dan W., Welland, Ontario (1988)

A quality product and expert installation ensures us many years of effortless enjoyment of our pool. I have no hesitation recommending these panels and Rob's firm to anyone wishing to increase their pool temperature.

— Kyri S., St. Catharines, Ontario (1997)

I am writing to say that in spite of the lousy weather this summer, we are thrilled beyond belief that as a result of the solar system you installed this year, our pool has reached well above 80 degrees pretty much every day. Despite starting out in the low 70s in the morning as a result of the cool/cold nights and rain, the heater has performed well above our expectations.

— Andrew M., Whitby, Ontario (2009)

Within days of opening our pool it was a very pleasant temperature and within a week and a half it had reached 89 degrees. We are delighted with the fact that the system performs as promised.

— Jennifer F., Burlington, Ontario (2008)

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